Clients are given the experience of being James Bond for a day. Wives are transported into their own 1930’s classic love story. Perfectly planned, these romantic adventures whisk lovers away on an exciting journey that catapult them into their own unique story for a day. Actors play cab drivers, bus boys, deliverymen, shop girls, and any number of colorful characters. Often compared to the movie, The Game, this service mixes in elements of romance, adventure, and your unique history to create an exciting custom-tailored production. Part game, part luxurious scavenger hunt, the recipient will not know where they are going until they arrive at each hand selected location. With clues recorded or planted by the client, lovers are guided through a day and night full of surprises, while feeling like they are living in a movie or dream.

Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries or a marriage proposal, Go Get It Events creates the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop for person.

Adventurous and exciting or romantic and luxurious or even somewhere in between, the experience truly becomes the surprise of their life.

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