Hollywood Hills Wedding

This wedding was such fun to work on.  The bride was wonderful and knew what she wanted but trusted me make suggestions and to pull everything together.  Guests came from many continents to celebrate the nuptials of Cord and Gabi in the Hollywood Hills off Laurel Canyon.  The photos are so great, it has been hard to pick.


meganwelker-mckenzie-details-1 meganwelker-mckenzie-details-68 meganwelker-mckenzie-details-44



meganwelker-mckenzie-details-47 meganwelker-mckenzie-portraits-123  meganwelker-mckenzie-details-160 meganwelker-mckenzie-details-147 meganwelker-mckenzie-details-136  meganwelker-mckenzie-details-98(1) meganwelker-mckenzie-details-92meganwelker-mckenzie-details-119 meganwelker-mckenzie-details-65 meganwelker-mckenzie-details-57meganwelker-mckenzie-reception-150meganwelker-mckenzie-details-180

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